Autumn/ Winter 2016 Collection – Interview

Autumn/ Winter 2016 Collection

Maria Paula Diaz & Catherine Serna

February 26, 2016

Every year, we launch two collections of our labels, showcasing all the different techniques and innovations that are used in their making.

These collections are made according to a specific season and launched months in advance of said season. For this reason, a wide research is held in order to know what trends are coming and we design the collection based on them.

This year, our Marketing Coordinator in Finotex Colombia, Maria Paula Diaz and one of our designers, Catherine Serna, joined efforts in order to create the Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection, launched this past February 2016.

An interview to the creators of this collection was held, with the purpose of informing our followers about the process and methodology behind each collection.


  1. What is this new collection about?

“This Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection is comprised of four universes, as we like to call them. Revival, Mineral Freezing, Painting the World and Fusion. In each of them a color palette, a theme, a style and images that are allusive to the universe, are presented, taking into account the textures that will be used for the season.”


  1. Where do you find inspiration?

We have online tools to find inspiration in textures, colors and textiles. We also investigate in several leading fashion blogs that focus on trends and inspirations in the world of fashion and textiles.

In addition, a trends research was conducted for fall and winter seasons of this year 2016. We investigated trends that are yet to come and we make our collections according to what is in the world of fashion for the season. Thus, this information is useful to our customers in the development of internal collections of their own brands.


  1. What are all universes and what are their meaning?

In Revival we are rescuing the rustic and artisanal textures, as the main focus.

In Painting the World, it is to form a child’s world of doodles and innocent drawings, transformed into fancy labels.

In Mineral freezing, the geological exploration of all scenes, backgrounds, textures of nature.

In Fusion: combining floral elements with subtle geometric effects and experimental weavings.


  1. What kind of techniques can we see in this collection?

The goal from the start was to showcase the portfolio of all the different techniques for Brand Identity solutions that Finotex offers, from woven and printed labels to transfers and paper products. For example, in the Revival universe, we wanted to present different types of weaving, which makes this universe allusive to what’s rustic and craft-like and demonstrate that the application of the labels achieves the objective.

The Mineral Freezing universe is inspired by earth elements. When applying the design on the labels, we played with textures and yarns different from a conventional label. Three-dimensional depth factors are shown in the label.

In Painting the world, we focused on a Childs world, in which we use a set of loose yarns that are interactive between the user and the label. We also see as a protagonist, children’s drawings with the PUFF technique; a technique where you give volume to the Heat Transfer through printing. In the hangtag label, we wanted to try a transparent material which when placed over any other material; its vivid colors stand out, accompanied by a neon color ribbon.

In Fusion, floral and geometric elements were used. It contains labels that give the impression of overlapping with the woven work. It is sought within the entire collection to show different label styles. Unconventional and innovative techniques give a different look to each item used.

We seek to showcase all the products and techniques that Finotex has to offer.


  1. How long does it take to develop the entire collection?

Two and a half months, easily throughout the development of the collection. Since its design conception, to its official launch.


  1. What was your favorite part of working on this collection?

In each collection we learn, innovate, and experience a new feeling. To see a sketch on a printed sheet and having it transform into a label; realizing the reach of your creativity is always what’s most satisfactory.


  1. What is the next project for this Creative Team?

Now we’re working on launching a catalog of Heat Transfers in the domestic market. We want to offer an alternative to provide heat transfers and are currently working on a graphic proposal.