Geolocation results for
City: Ashburn
Region: Virginia
Area Code:
DMA Code: 511
Country Name: United States
Country Code: US
Longitude: -77.4728
Latitude: 39.0481
Currency Code: USD
Currency Symbol: $
Exchange Rate: 1

Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Products Delivering Brand Identification Solutions

Brand Protection / RFID

RFID has come to revolutionize supply chains of the industrial, transportation, pharmaceutical and now the apparel industries of the world. It not only delivers benefits for retailers such as the reduction of “out of stock” occurrences, increase of product availability and shorter sales cycles, but it also provides benefits at the manufacturer level by allowing a more efficient and quicker production planning, monitoring and warehouse management. Our UHF (Ultra high
frequency) tags are EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) compatible which means that one tag can be used from the manufacturing site, through the distribution centers and in stores.

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