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City: Ashburn
Region: Virginia
Area Code:
DMA Code: 511
Country Name: United States
Country Code: US
Longitude: -77.4728
Latitude: 39.0481
Currency Code: USD
Currency Symbol: $
Exchange Rate: 1

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Finotex Products
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Latest Collection


This Spring / Summer 2020 collection is inspired by ancient elements, glamour with an 80’s vibe, phsychedelic patterns and raw materials. It is comprised by four different segments: Virtual Insanity, Selfless Love, Alter Ego 3.0 & Shared Emotions

VIRTUAL INSANITY  Virtual Insanity is a proposal that shows how the digital world has become part of many aspects of our life. Marketing industry uses this tech-growing to develop immersive experiences for the consumer. Technology keeps evolving, creating alternative spaces to stimulate the senses and interactive shopping experiences through AR and VR.

SELFLESS LOVE Selfless love looks at the cause and reaction of a growing portion of our lives being lived on social media. The search for a bigger goal leads us to be constantly connected increasing awareness of global issues and using social media for good.

ALTER EGO 3.0  Alter Ego 3.0 we evoked our primitive past to understand the evolution of the human being through the improvement of our biological hardware with artificial intelligence. The mixture of local and synthetic natural elements reflects the elemental aesthetic that we embedded in the sci-fi designs for the future in construction

SHARED EMOTIONS In Shared Emotions, we embrace the little moments in life, appreciating each experience with joy and calm. Minimalism and stylish craftsmanship designs emerge with strength, offering a proposal closer to local artists.

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