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City: Ashburn
Region: Virginia
Area Code:
DMA Code: 511
Country Name: United States
Country Code: US
Longitude: -77.4728
Latitude: 39.0481
Currency Code: USD
Currency Symbol: $
Exchange Rate: 1

Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
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FREE SOUL: Personal expression and creativity topics emerge, establishing a trend of artistic expressionism. Abstract shapes are painted by hand with fluid brushstrokes and textures with marks that mimic mineral compounds. Spiritual motifs are softened with careful and pectoral watercolors, ornaments that add energy to this serene history.

STARS FESTIVAL: Modern pop culture inspires the graphic illustrations for SS19, as famous faces and retro icons embellish athletic and casual attire. Polaroid photos and magazines inspire printing panels and patches.

Monochrome, sepia or color photographic effects evoke vintage portraits. Using images of past and present celebrities, the appeal is broadened. In contrast, the classic shades of jeans wear are combined with deep dark indigo, medium blue and faded stonewash in a single garment making a fun play with bright colors. Die-cut and patched constructions take a more formal approach. Large light and dark blocks create a bold contrasts. Sewing and considerable distressing offer a cleaner appearance. 

HAPPY HOUSE: Circus themes receive a daring and a funny update, with the help of the creative manifest palette to achieve more impact. Prints and graphics provide a surprising element thanks to the colors that collide between each other and the other proportions are amplified.

Happy House adopts a “no-holds” mentality for mid-summer garments, with bright primary colors, pilled-up graphics and a miscellaneous approach to designs. Get inspired with circus posters and combine a potpourri of striking typography styles that can range from three-dimensional typefaces to neon lights. For conventional designs, a graphic illustration style is used to represent all kinds of motifs associated with the experience of an evening in the circus. 

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