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Finotex Products
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FX Heat Press Series

Select from our FX Heat Press series according to your specific needs and leave the heavy duty work to it. Easily apply for small or large transfers on any apparel, accessory or footwear product.

Increase the value of your brand! Embellish your garments with decorative heat transfers, embroidered patches, woven heat sealed labels and other identification solutions alike, using one of our heat presses.


This single’s head press allows you to embellish your garments and accessories at your own pace and location. You can easily adjust pressure and temperature settings which comes in handy when having to switch between different fabric contacts in a matter of minutes, allowing you to improve on production efficiencies and even quality of the application as part of your manufacturing process.


This press with double work stationĀ are the best solution to apply our decorative heat transfers or any other large embellishments needed for your garments. It can also be used to apply woven and embroidered patches, digital heat transfers and other adhesive trims with decorative purposes. It has been designed to operate using a vertical pneumatic single hot plate and a double stamping station allowing you to save time and effort compared to other manually handled presses.

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