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Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Products Delivering Brand Identification Solutions

Green World | Eco-friendly Products

We all love our planet. This is why we are creating new ways to contribute to the conservation and protection of our beloved Earth. Our Green World products offering is our contribution to a greener world for generations to come.

Organic Cotton | Labels & Tapes

Grown without toxic pesticides, our yarns are 100% Organic cotton; and so are our labels. They’re soft and comfortable, pesticide and chemical free and a friend to the environment. Available as woven & printed labels, woven & printed tapes and jacquard ribbons.

Recycled Polyester | Labels & Tapes

Finotex offers  100% recycled polyester labels. Just as with regular polyester labels, they are customizable, soft and comfortable. Available as woven and printed labels, tapes and jacquards ribbons.

Recycled Papers | Hang Tags

Finotex offers a wide variety of recycled stocks and colors which include, linen stock, classic laid, classic columns, Speckltone, Astroparch, Royal fiber, Environment Cover, Dur-O-Tone and many more.

Eco-friendly Inks | Heat Transfers

Most of our heat transfers techniques are free of hazardous substances as phthalates, heavy metals, lead and formaldehyde. Embellish your garment with a skin-friendly heat transfer. Recommended for children’s wear, athletic-leisure, yoga, intimate and performance wear.


These hangtags are full of seeds; when you plant in soil, the paper composts away and the seeds start growing. They have a germination stage of approximately 15 days. They are great for sustainability campaigns, projects with kids, gardening enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers.

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