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City: Ashburn
Region: Virginia
Area Code:
DMA Code: 511
Country Name: United States
Country Code: US
Longitude: -77.6452
Latitude: 39.0853
Currency Code: USD
Currency Symbol: $
Exchange Rate: 1

Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Finotex Products
Products Delivering Brand Identification Solutions

Heat Transfers

With exciting new heat transfer technology at our fingertips, Finotex can permanently incorporate your company’s brand directly onto synthetic or natural fabrics. Through our in-house adhesive and ink formulation, we can customize any image in any size, to enhance your company’s branding.

Finotransfer® Tag-less Features:

  • Multiple color printing
  • Flexible & Soft
  • Skin Friendly & Halo Free
  • Custom design capabilities
  • Available on rolls or single pieces
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant

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