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Anticipating the demand for brand-related products in the Americas, we opened our doors in South America. Over the course of 35 years, we have diversified into an all-in-one supplier of brand identification solutions for the apparel industry. Today, Finotex is a leader in the apparel brand identification market. This has allowed us to become the partner of choice for top names in global manufacturing and to serve a multitude of clients through our skilled workforce around the world.

At Finotex, we integrate an extensive offering of brand identification products and services into complete solutions to meet our customers’ needs. From worldwide consistent woven and printed labels, jacquard ribbons, and thermal printing solutions, to heat transfers, paper products, eco-friendly products and anti-counterfeit solutions, we provide an entire suite of services to meet the needs of our clients.

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Our designers capture the latest trends, colors, even textures, and literally, weave or print them into the best products on the market. With our worldwide presence we have become the largest woven and printed label producer in the Western Hemisphere, and the paper packaging partner of choice for the top names in the apparel industry. Our resident artisans, demonstrate precision, relentless attention to detail, and create the highest quality workmanship, while still maintaining an efficient and cooperative work environment. Superb quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing have all come to symbolize the Finotex name.

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