Finotex Launches their Serialized Woven Labels!

November 16, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of a new product line within an already wide array of product offerings:

Serialized Woven Labels!

We have the latest weaving technology to create consistent, ultra high-definition quality labels, combining our online design solution for database management with the capability to weave the trendiest textures in the market. These Serialized Woven Labels are mainly used to protect, identify, sort and track garments within the supply chain processing to the final consumer. They labels can be weaved with the specifications, formats, and data supplied by customers. These labels can contain a combination of alphanumeric and property mark details, incremental numbering and serialization, barcodes, logos and variable information. 

This new product line comes with three different techniques: QR Codes, Sequential Numbering & Alphanumeric Serialization and 2D Barcodes. From Brand Authenticity, traceability, to ticketing and inventory control, they’ve got it all covered. It can also be combined with other brand protection options such as UV Yarns and it has the flexibility of being produced in any fold style. 

   • QR Codes: Generation of individual QR codes and incorporating them into any identification product, allowing your customers to verify the authenticity of the       garment, regardless of where it is purchased.Other information about when and where product was made can be added or linked to sustainability campaigns.

   • Sequential Numbering & Alphanumeric Serialization: Individual item serialization can be reproduced on woven labels using validated data management systems.       Although often spoken of in terms of serial numbers, serialization need not follow a strict numerical pattern.

   • 2D Barcodes: The barcode is used to identify and recognize items in a unique, global and unambiguous way. It is mainly used as a control system by producers and       distributors, since it facilitates product traceability and commercial activity through all the data that can be uploaded to the code.

“We are excited to provide our customers with this innovative option to safeguard their brands as well as strengthen their relationship with their consumers. With in-country production facilities in strategic locations world-wide that provide expedited times, we know that these labels can meet the fast-paced production lead trims in today’s apparel market.” - Finotex Representative

These intelligent labels are the next chapter of the digital world and strengthens the transparency of your brand all while protecting it. Wether you’d like to engage in a conversation between consumer and brand, provide ticketing options with sequencing or keep track of inventory or the commercial chain, the Finotex Serialized Woven Labels are the right choice for you!

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