Finotex Helps Recover Hurricane IOTA

August 19, 2021

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2020 Was a challenging year for the world, to say the least. The entire globe was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown was set in place. Countries struggled to contain the virus and to make matters worse, mother nature stepped in as well. Multiple hurricanes crossed our oceans hitting land. In November of 2020, two of these, Hurricanes ETA and IOTA hit the heart of Central America, Honduras, almost a week apart from each other.

This along with the COVID-19 pandemic still very much present in Honduras, only complicated matters more. Having one of our manufacturing factories in Honduras and so many team members, this hit home for us. Fortunately, for Finotex, we didn’t suffer any infrastructural damages and most of our team members were okay and did not experience problems at home because of the flooding. Some, however, were indeed affected.

This is why we worked in solidarity with them, following our founder’s core values, by supporting them and helping them recover with monetary donations as well as food, clothes, mattresses, appliances, and such. We aided as much as we could in order to carry out the reconstruction of their homes and belongings, little by little, for them to be able to call their houses, home again.

“What happened was tremendous, much worse than Hurricane Mitch because we got hit by two hurricanes almost at once. We didn’t expect the river to overflow as much as it did. Finotex has been very special for the help they’ve given me and my family.” - Alex Hernandez, one of our Cleaning Staff member said.

“Thank God I managed to evacuate before the first flood came in. Some of my family had to stay behind, but were eventually moved to a safer place. Thankfully, we’re still here, on our feet, ready to move forward. I’d like to thank Finotex for all the help they’ve given me.  - Cinia Coello, one of our Quality Control Auditors, said.

“At my house, the water was a little over 3 feet high. In that moment, we quickly moved to a two-story house nearby. I’d like to thank the owners, the managers and coworkers for their help.” - Rene Ramirez, our Maintenance Coordinator, said.

Additionally, we’ve continued our efforts in biosecurity and continue to donate Finotex Face Masks to different institutions in the country in order to aid the public health and safety of our communities.

We also joined different efforts monetarily to different institutions and business associations where we are members. We understand that we owe ourselves to our people, our communities and to this land that has seen us grow and are committed to stepping in whenever we can.

Our commitment at Finotex is to continue with actions to support our employees and communities facing inequalities in the countries where we operate.

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